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Balkan CH 2021

The Greek Teams

Markopoulo, 13 September 2021

Press release

The Balkan Equestrian Championship 2021 will take place from Thursday 16 to Sunday, September 19, 2021 at the Olympic Equestrian Center in Markopoulo, Attica. This is the second major international event held in 2021 by the Hellenic Equestrian Federation in the midst of a pandemic and always in strict compliance with all relevant Health Protocols of the Goverment.

Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and, for the first time, Cyprus will take part in Jumping. 

In the Children's Category, the Greek team consists of Amaryllis Paraschaki with Havanna vnt Steenputje 2, Maya Drakaki with Broadway de Saintfray, Sofia Koudouna with Luxiana and Magdalini Ananiadis Kouroglou with Bambou II, while in the individual Arianna Darema with Calice 6, Marianna Theodorou with Segovia Tame 7, Artemis Taliaki with Hip Hop du Bois Madame and Paraskevi Kanellaki with Urthago des Mottes 2 will participate.

In the Junior Category the Greek team consists of Melina Peimanidis with Indy S, Semeli Popp with Arabella II, Evelina Vogli with Aliboron, Georgia Sklavenitis with Magico, while in the Individual Maria Gunela with For Conty 6, Theodora Andreou with Per On, Artemis Pitsikou with Venice 8 and Maria Kokkinaki with Armagedon delle Roane will participate.

In the Young Riders category, the Greek team consists of Dimitris Drougas with Sacripan GD, Athena Zolota with Ulysse d Orbec, Mariansi Kyriakopoulou with Hopalong Hans and George Meimaridis with Larimar des Baumes, while in the Individual  Konstantinos Baliousis with Saphir du Pestel will participate.

In the Amazon Category, the Greek team consists of Stefania Papadimitriou with Atash de la Hogue, Amanda Karageorgou with Rusdie, Katerina Doubobel with Fleur VL and Katerina Laskaridi with Calandra, while in the Individual Vasso Abartzidi with Szilaj, Elina Dendrinou with Daknaan, Angelika Karakasili with Captain Cunterbunt, Maria Papourdanou with Butterfly de Rhodes will compete.

In the Seniors Category, the Greek team consists of Angelos Touloupis with Lord Mexx 2, Monica Martini with Electic Elvis, Kriton Zafeiropoulos with Dicaprio and Anna Maria Papageorgiou with Fyenda, while in the Individual Efthymis Kremiotis with Charmont, Nikolina Makarona with Arc de Triomphe, Elias Baliousis with Capser d Argouges and Giannis Skandalis with Copyright will participate.

The Chef d'equipe of the Greek team will be Mr. George Frangogiannis.

Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania will take part in Balkan Dressage Championship. 

In the Children's Category, the Greek team consists of Karolina Atsalaki with Spoekedammetje S Nikos, Danae Giannopoulou with White Man - Donatella, Myrto Dimitsani with Humphrey de la Vigne and Katerina Thomaidou with Maximouse, while in the Individual Ramsis Rotas Gerais with Marvel 7 will compete.

In the Junior Category, the Greek team consists of Alexandros Katsikis with Barthez 4, Ilenia Oikonomou with King Black, Christina Retsou with Elise and Zoe Tertipi with Capuchino, while in the Individual Isabella Atsalaki with Desteny and Corina Gagani with Boy Altena will compete.

Finally, in the Seniors Category, the Greek team consists of Fay Varvitsioti with Salvanos Song, Christina Sachinoglou with Damor, Kelly Sklavounos with Quanderas, Stelios Stavroulakis with Baiao, while in the Individual Dimitra Massarou with White Magic 23 and Christos Sachinoglou with Vabello will compete.

Che d'equiipes of the Greek team wll be Ms. Eleni Myrat and Ms. Joanna Georgopoulou.

The event is organized thanks to the National Sponsor of the sport MYTILINEOS and Protergia, the companies of the Antonios Argus Pack Group, Adori café and Royalty Hotel & Suites, the company Stathis Enterprises, the company Innovis Pharma with Nuxe products, the bank Eurobank, the company Leathertim with the products Connolly, Secranto, Express Oil, Griffin, Superfast Ferries, Duxiana, Hertz, New Alert, Sygenesis.

Under the auspices of the Attica Region the Balkan Championship is organised, and alos the support of the Municipality of Markopoulo and the Public Real Estate Company is also undivided.

For those who wish to watch the Balkan Championship 2021, the  jumping competitions from the central Olympic grass arena, as well as the dressage competitions from the sand arena, will be broadcast live on Clippmyhorse.tv https: www.clipmyhorse.tv/en_EU /, but also through the HEF's site in live streaming https://www.hef.gr/index.php/en/live-streaming-en .


More info at www.hef.gr  (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or facebook https://www.facebook.com/hefofficial or instagram  https://www.instagram.com/hef2017/


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