Hellenic Equestrian Federation

Balkan Dressage Championship

Greexe starred  

The Balkan Equestrian Championship was completed with great success at noon on Sunday, September 19, with Greece starring, as its riders won all the gold medals in all the classes that Greek riders participated. 

Specifically, in the Seniors Class, Greece won all three individual medals. Kelly Sklavounos with Quanderas was Balkan Champion again after 2019 with a percentage of 69.234% in the final freestyle. Christina Sachinoglou won the silver medal with Damor with a percentage of 66.909% and Stelios Stavroulakis the bronze medal with Baiao with a percentage of 65.792%.


In the Juniors Class, Greece won the first two medals. Alexandros Katsikis with Barthez 4 won the Balkan gold medal with a percentage of 70.325% from the freestyle and in 2nd place was Christina Retsou with Elise with a percentage of 69.85%. In 3rd place was Siyana Raykova from Bulgaria with Cisco Kid with a percentage of 67.09%.

In the Team Juniors Competition, Greek athletes Christina Retsou with Elise, Alexandros Katsikis with Barthez 4, Ilenia Oikonomou with King Black and Zoe Tertipi with Capuchino collected a total percentage of 65.034% and climbed to the highest step of the podium. In 2nd place was Bulgaria and in 3rd place Romania.


In the Children's Category, Greece also won the gold and silver medals. Katia Thomaidou with Maximouse won the Balkan gold medal with a percentage of 69.98% from the final round and in 2nd place was Myrto Dimitsani with Humphrey de la Vigne with a percentage of 67.97%. In 3rd place was Irina Alexandrescu from Romania with Donabella with a percentage of 66.935%.

In the Children's Team Compettion, Greece with Myrto Dimitsani with Humphrey de la Vigne, Katia Thomaidou with Maximouse, Karolina Atsalakis with Spoekedammetje Nikos and Danae Giannopoulou with White Man collected a total of 69.45% and won the title. In 2nd place was the team of Romania and in 3rd place Bulgaria.


Finally, in the Young Riders Class, gold medalist was the Romanian Daria Maria Paliciuc with ZOZ with a percentage of 66.725% from the freestyle . In 2nd place was Vanda Ljolje from Croatia with Hennesey C with a percentage of 64.483% and in 3rd place Elena Vasileva from Bulgaria with Silver Boy with a percentage of 61.909%.

From the Press Office of HEF



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