Hellenic Equestrian Federation

M | Championship

The 2019 Champions!

Markopoulo, May 27th 2019

Press Release

photos: Photobit

Six amazons and two riders became Champions for 2019 in M ​​| Championship that was completed with a modest ceremony in the memory of coach Yannis Papadimitriou last night at the Olympic Equestrian Center in Markopoulo.

In Jumping, Paola Martinini of IAOF and Electic Elvis after a very good show got the most points in the three competitions, winning the title of the Senior Champions with 76 points. Second Champion was last year's Champion Alexandros Fourlis with Grandeur of IOM with 64 points and third Gregoris Voglis with Quelly Briquedale of EIO with 54 points who was also the winner of the final championship.

In the Juniors Class Champion was Antonis Antoniou of IOKOUB with Inca with a total of 58 points, and he also was the winner of the final competition. Second Champion was last year's Junior Champion Anna Dannalis of IOM with Mister Chayotte Z. Irini Spanou with Copyright was the third champion.

In the Juniors Class after an interesting competition, Maria Nikolaidou with Flippo VDL of AKITH won the title of the Champion, having more points in the three competitions, 68. Second Champion was Stavros Theofanopoulos with Taquine du Vivier of EIO with 60 points and third Valeria Zachariou and D'artagnan of IOVOP with 56 points.

In the Children's Class with her victory in the final competitions she managed to get the title of the champion. Semeli Pop with Arabella of EIO, which had a total of 76 points in the three competitions. Second Champion was Simeon Paraschakis with Boris with 60 points and third Maria Kokkinakis with Armagedon of IOM with 44 points.

In the Amazons class her victory in the final competition gave her the title of Amazon for 2019. Antigoni Tsafara with Interpid Leonardo of IOMS gathered 54 points in all three compeittions and won the title. Second was Monika Martinini with Let's Hope of IAO with 52 points and third with 44 points Katerina Laskaridis with Calandra 21 with 40 points.

In the Young Horses class, in the 5 years old Cortana Z won with Kritona Zafireropoulos of IOKEN, in the 6-year-old Dewars was 1st with Dimitris Natsis of IOVOP and in the 7 years old Hytaniki with Marianissi Kyriakopoulou of IOVOP .

In Dressage, for the second consecutive year and 5th overall Kelly Sklavounos with Quanderas was the Senior Champion. IOB's amazon collected a total of 70.88% in the three events and took the title. Second champion was Antonia Tsamandoura of IOB with Hope for the Future with 63.76% and third Fedra Xanthopoulou ofIOA with Flavio Go with 62.73%.

Also for the second consecutive year in the juniors class we had the same Champion. Raphaelia Georgulea of EIO won the title with another horse this time, Luxemburg with the best overall percentage of the three events 67.89%. Second Champion was Desipina Sidra of AIOAT with Windsor with 66.66% and third Champion Eleni Retsou of IOB with Fairytale with 66.29%.

In the Young Riders class, new champion was Maria Vardaki with the Baiao of AIOP has accured 65.61% in the three competitions. Second was last year's champion Lavinia Makropoulou with Widoc Timbre of IOB with 62.94 and third Elisavet Maika of AKIB with Sir Kavalier with 61.75%.

In the Children's Class for the second consecutive year Alexandros Katsikis of EIO and Dangast became champions with the best percentage of the three events 68.39%. Second Champion was Korina Gagani with Boy Altena of IAK with 65,072% and third Eleni Ioannouthird with Ripley 2 of KIS with 64,91%.

Next great appointment at the Olympic Equestrian Center in Markopoulo is the Athens Equestrian Festival 2019 together with the Division 2 Nations Cup Final from 25 to 28 July.

 From the Press Office of HEF


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