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Many medals in Bulgaria

Markopoulo, June 10, 2019

Press release

With 12 medals, 9 gold and 3 silver dressage athletes are now returning from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, tafter having participated at the CDI, of 7-9 June.

In the Seniors Class three gold medals were won by the 2019 Senior Champion, Kelly Sklavounos with Quanderas. In the St George, Intermediate I and Freestyle she were in the top positions with very good percentages, 70.833%, 75.294% and 76.417%.

In the Young Riders' Class, 2019 2nd Champion, Lavinia Makropoulou with Widoc Timbre were also in the top three positions. In the team, individual and freestyle, she collected 63.873%, 65.294% and 69.792%.

In the Juniors Class, the three gold medals, and the qualification for this year's European Championship, were won by the 2019 2nd Champion , Despina Sidra with Windsor. The Greek amazon in the three events, team, individual and freestyle had 67.52%, 69.51% and 70.958%. In 2nd place in all three events was the 2019 Champion, Rafaellia Georgoulea and Luxemburg with 63,182%, 68,33% and 69,233%. The Greek Amazon also received the necessary qualification for this year's European Youth.

In the National classes of young horses also participated Christina Sachinoglou with Jem Twist and in two events won the 1st place.

 Next targets for dressage sport are the Balkan Championship in Lipica, Slovenia, 5-7 July, and the European Championship for Children, Juniors and Young Riders in San Giovanni, Italy, on 23-28 July.


From the Press Office, HEF


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